Exfoliate for Healthy, Glowing and Youthful Skin

Exfoliate for Healthy, Glowing and Youthful Skin

Exfoliation is the process of removing dead skin cells from the outer layer of your skin. There are three main exfoliating types:

1-Physical exfoliation of the skin involves the use of a granular scrub which, when applied to the skin, physically buffs or abrades the skin’s surface and thereby removes dead skin cell build-up. Examples include Zuhuri Beauty's Organic Coconut Turmeric Skin Brightening Exfoliation Polish, Organic Coffee Firming and Brightening Exfoliating Polish and Organic Sugar Lip Polish.

The Organic Coconut Sugar and Organic Brown Sugar in these products are natural acids that help break down layers of dead skin, encouraging cell turnover and revealing a more youthful-looking skin underneath. Sugar is a gentle physical exfoliant and a natural source of glycolic acid, an alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA). The Zuhuri Beauty Exfoliating Polishes have both physical and chemical properties to help reveal smoother, brighter and youthful skin.

2-Chemical exfoliation includes the use of enzymes and acid-based products that have an exfoliating effect as they dissolve the protein bonds that exist between dead skin cells, allowing for dead skin cell removal. The two most common chemical exfoliants are alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) and beta hydroxy acids (BHAs). Both work to reveal brighter, smoother skin. Examples include Zuhuri Beauty's Cucumber Green Tea Treatment Toner and Clarity Treatment Toner. Zuhuri Beauty offers a line for teen boys and men called EMK Essentials for Men. There is a full line of Green/Clean products, including chemical exfoliating products.

3-Mechanical exfoliation involves the use of a machine or device to exfoliate the skin. Commonly known mechanical exfoliators include Microdermabrasion and Laser treatments.

Zuhuri Beauty does not offer any mechanical exfoliation devices, but our Esthetician, Shonna Hall can recommend a device for you.

For more information about Zuhuri Beauty products and to receive a sample of any products noted in this blog email AccountServices@ZuhuriBeauty.com

Zuhuri Beauty Green Beauty Solutions in sustainable and eco-friendly packaging.


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