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Zuhuri Beauty

SOL Brightening Treatment Toner with Reusable Cotton Round

SOL Brightening Treatment Toner with Reusable Cotton Round

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Zuhuri Beauty offers Treatment Toners for all skin types. The Zuhuri Beauty SOL Brightening Treatment Toner is a very concentrated product intended to not only lighten dark spots, but repair damaged skin, reduce the signs of aging and protect the skin from environmental damage.
  • This product is safe for all skin types, but is particularly beneficial for people with dry and dull skin, large pores, dark spots, blemishes from acne scars and skin that lacks elasticity. It is also a natural astringent and an anti-inflammatory.
  • This product is safe to use daily, but we recommend using at night. You must use sunscreen with this product.
  • Our Vitamin C+ Serum is much more aggressive at lightening dark spots and repairing damaged skin. We always recommend customers using this product first.
  • Use a mild cleanser prior to use (DO NOT exfoliate or use any acids, prior to use)

One reusable cotton round per bottle.

Trial size, 4, 8 and 16 ounces. Larger sizes may be in a BPA FREE Reusable bottle. 
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