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Zuhuri Beauty

Plant Based All Purpose Cleaning Solutions (Residential and Commercial)

Plant Based All Purpose Cleaning Solutions (Residential and Commercial)

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Zuhuri Beauty and JC Non-Toxic Cleaning Services offers Plant Based, Non-Toxic and Concentrated Cleaning Solutions.

The All Purpose Cleaner can be used not only to wash dishes, but also on all household appliances, windows, bathrooms, floors and walls. It is excellent at removing grease and is safe to use on cast iron pots and pans.

Regular size ~13 Fl Oz (spout bag or glass bottle)

Refill size ~64 ounces

The Commercial Cleaning Solution can be used to clean large and small commercial spaces. This product will not leave a sticky residue and it is safe to use with children and pets. This product will help reduce the spread of viruses.

Regular size 16 Fl Oz

This concentrated solution must be diluted with water. Please follow the instructions.

Also available in gallon sizes. Email for more information

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